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Some of our new CE courses in 2023 & 2024

We've been busy adding new courses. Here are some of the new Life CE courses we've published in past six months. Some apply to General and Adjusters as well. All offer 1 CE credit per course.
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Double helix genetics image made out of paper, 370x253 dimensions
This course looks at the intersection of genetics and various types of insurance, emphasizing life, health, and critical illness insurance. Participants will look into the ethical, legal, and practical ramifications of using genetic information in insurance.
Life, A&S
Female robot depicting insurtech life insurance trends, 370x253 dimensions
The rise of Insurtech. This course explores the transformative impact of digital innovations on the life insurance industry. We look at emerging technologies, industry disruptors, and digital-first life insurance.
Life, A&S
Mental health and insurnace image, flowers signifying positive mental health, 370x253 dimensions
Navigating coverage, policies, and claims in Canada. This course dives into mental health coverages within the Canadian insurance landscape.
Life, A&S
Architectural image of a house, for advanced estate planning life insurance course, 370x253 dimensions
We look at leveraging insurance products for efficient wealth transfer. Life insurance and other insurance products are useful for tax-efficient wealth transfer, tax planning and legacy creation.
Life, A&S

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